So, What's A Guitslinger?

 Guitslinger (`git sling er) is an informal term for “guitar slinger,” or “hired gun.”
It’s someone who’s hired to complete or supplement a band or ensemble because
their talent, technique, style, and proficiency in multiple instruments and genres
enhances the performance of that ensemble.

What does that mean to you?

It means Guitslinger Creative, is your “hired creative gun” for combining fresh ideas,
words and imagery to create messaging that builds your brand and resonates
with your customers. 


What does Guitslinger bring to your band?

Creative Direction & Design

Creating the right message for the right place in print, digital, broadcast, video, events, and social to connect with your customers.


More than a logo, a brand must look, sound and think uniquely from its competitors, conveying a personality consumers can relate to.

Strategic Thinking

Our creative doesn’t just look good, it works hard to resonate with your customers and elicit a response.


A vast breadth and depth of experience provide the tools for creating solutions that fit your specific challenges.

creative that strikes the right chord

When the curtain comes down, it’s really all about how you connected with the audience and how they reacted. Our creative is not only on-brand and on-message, it also works hard to connect with the customer to make something happen.

Here are just a few companies we’ve partenered with, past and present:


The Work

Just a few examples from a deep and wide portfolio.

the  band

The players that keep us in tune and in time.

Ready to take center stage?

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can plug in and help you be a rockstar!

David Hospodka

Dallas, Texas