So what’s a Guitslinger?  Well just consider Guitslinger (`git sling er) is an informal term for “guitar slinger,” or “hired gun.” They’re a person whose hired to complete or supplement an ensemble, one who’s talent, technique or style enhances the performance of that ensemble, and one who is proficient in several instruments and genres, drawing upon those styles to bring the best to each ensemble supported.

What does that mean to you?

It means Guitslinger Creative, is the “hired creative gun” to your brand or “ensemble.” We pride ourselves at being people of many interests that are manifested in the skills and broad backgrounds that make up the big “gig bag” from which we work. Design, strategy and common sense provide the melody for our problem-solving approach while a deep cache of cross-functional, tactical experience is the accompaniment for producing results-driven solutions.

With years of big-agency background, branding, advertising and content developement are “genres” in which we perform, while B2C, B2B, CPGs, retail, restaurants, beverage & alcohol, technology, wireless services, healthcare and non-profits are just a few of the venues in which our efforts and talents have been performed.

We take requests so give us a shout today and let us know how we might complete your act. Just hum us a few bars, we’ll likely know the tune.

The Work

A sampling from a deep and wide portfolio

  • Pixels

    pixelthumbWebsites, Social,
    Banner Ads and Flash

  • Ink & Paper


    & Collateral

  • For The Shopper


    Retail & Promotions


  • Film & Video

    movesthumbTelevision &
    Corporate Video

But wait

there's more!

  • Purposes & Parties

    causesthumbNon-Profits, Programs

    & Events

  • Boxes & Bags




  • Big Things

    & Outdoor

  • Doodles, Guitslinging n’ Stuff

    otherthumbOther Skills

    & Abilities

Guit In Touch

iphone_call         Give David Hospodka a shout to discuss your needs and how we can help. By phone at 214.538.1183

        or by email at davidh@guitslinger.com